In collaboration with Te Tairawhiti Arts Festival 2020, TŌNUI Collab gave rangatahi the opportunity to create digital self-portraits; the TŌNUI Collab team introduced rangatahi to new creative digital art techniques and encouraged them to produce unique and self-expressive art. Rangatahi were also invited to record a short message sharing their hopes and dreams for Tairawhiti in 20 years time. These digital portraits and messages of hope for the future are viewable at TŌNUI Collab and also in the online gallery below.

Like the Tairawhiti tile wall this project takes its inspiration from, these digital portraits are mostly unnamed. 


TŌNUI Collab's digital portrait workshops were open to tamariki for the two weeks of the October School Holidays and complimented the range of other school holiday workshops on offer to tamariki from across the Tairawhiti - from animation to game development, augmented reality to robotics.