Whiria te tangata  

Weaving the people together 

It's an exciting time! Tōnui Collab is localising the learning and responding directly to our community, creating opportunities for our young people to thrive. 


Seeing and hearing the powerful voices of our youth demanding change fills me with excitement and promise - Emma González, Greta Thunber are great global activists - and we have youth in our own community challenging the status quo.

What's your favourite workshop at Tōnui Collab and why?
I love animation workshops, I love storytelling and animation presents us with an opportunity to tell our stories, it great watching our young people share their stories in a digital space and realise that they can be creators of content ...not just consumers. 


Complete this sentence... 'Technology is....' 
Technology is transformative, technology is creating greater access to information however there is a growing digital divide that most be addressed to improve equity.      


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