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Tech-ify your Christmas

Updated: Jan 20, 2020

Wondering how to tech-ify your Christmas? Here’s our EdTech Emily's Christmas List….

This Christmas I decided to follow the trend of buying experiences rather than gifts.

I booked myself and the whanau a Reef Ecology Tour with Dive Tatapouri where we’ll get to learn about and interact with wild stingrays, I hear it’s amazing!

So how does this link to technology? Well, I started thinking about capturing our Christmas experiences and sharing them with others. I’ve compiled a short list of my favourite apps and tools that can help you capture capture quality video, edit it in seconds, and get it onto your social media channels in moments.

If you’re looking for something quick and easy to edit those holiday snaps and videos this is a great free app. It will help you find the best bits of your videos, add transitions and music to make a slick short movie you can share with friends and family or via your social media channels.

Ever heard of a “gimbal”? It’s a fancy bit of kit videographers use to capture amazing shots whilst moving about. Now you too can capture pro shots with the awesome Osmo Mobile 3 by DJI. Just attach your mobile phone and you are away. My favourite features are tracking, and time lapse. One of these will set you back $200 but if you're looking to capture great footage with your existing mobile it’s a worthy spend. It also comes with some great FREE software.

This is the software that goes with the Osmo Gimbal I spoke about above. The great thing about this app is that it’s free and you don’t need the Osmo 3 to use the app, anyone can download it and use it to edit videos and pictures on your smartphone. I really like the speed feature and reverse video option which you can get really creative with and have lots of fun.

So get out there and don’t just capture your festive fun times but create a short video and share your creative content with family, friends and beyond.

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