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School Holiday DIY

This is the third installment of our School Holidays blog posts. Our team are missing the hive of activity that we usually have happening in the lab at this time - workshops full of tamariki discovering and creating collaboratively! These school holidays, our lab is closed and tamariki are staying home, our team have some recommendations on how you and your tamariki can get creative while in isolation. Here’s EdTech Jules' recommendations….

My family is really into their DIY so it's time to get creative with things we can find lying around our whare and if we don't have everything we dream's time to start planning. - this is a free web-based program for creating vector images. You could design your own poster for your new tree house, a 'respect my privacy' poster to warn your siblings, or even create cool vector portraits of your family to make them laugh :)

Tinkercad - you can use this free web-based program to 3D design your own treehouse or DIY garden boxes for your backyard. Could you come up with some ways to make a better, more interactive outdoor environment for your family? Your imagination is the limit.

PlantNet Plant Identification App - This app will get you outside and exploring your own backyard. Have you ever wondered what that cool looking plant is in your backyard? Take a look around your garden and take photos of your plants, add them to the map and find other plants the same around the world.

And if you want to spend some time offline, here are some fun paper and pencil based activities to get you and your whanau problem solving....

Pigpen Cipher - Write some secret messages in morse code to your family. Create a treasure hunt where the treasure can only be found by deciphering the clues. Read more...

Awhi Your family - Design a list of instructions to help someone complete a chore they find difficult. My mum used to write me a list of instructions for cleaning my room. It helped me focus on one thing at a time, and not feel overwhelmed. Build a fort - Create a list of instructions to build a forte in your lounge. Think of the objects you need and how they are going to be put together. To see how your instructions work get someone to test them out. Does the forte look the way you imagined it? Feel like giving one of these a try? We would love if you captured the creativity in action, post it on instagram and tag us @tonuicollab

Check out the rest of the team’s recommendations on our blog.

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