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A full day of Virtual Reality

Updated: Dec 6, 2019

The opportunity to run full day workshops was a major highlight for the TŌNUI Collab team and local tamariki in Term 4, 2019.

By booking out a full day of learning, children were able to explore thoroughly and build key skills in the morning and in the afternoon apply those skills to a real life project.

The virtual reality experience is a new full day workshop introduced at the latter end of the term.

With the generous donation of new devices coming into the lab, we have been able to increase the number of VR headsets that has made exploring virtual reality as a class possible.

In late November we ran a series of VR full day workshops with all of Central School's Year 5 and 6 learners.

The day started with a collaboration warm up challenge as a class to get our brains boosted.

We then split into two groups for two different workshops. The first lucky group got the opportunity to immerse themselves in other worlds with experiential learning VR headsets and augmented reality merge cubes. The other group experienced an intro session to Cospaces, a program specifically designed for educational development of virtual worlds! The groups swapped before midday so that all visiting learners had the same opportunities.

“It was great to see the learners delve into their imagination. They really challenged themselves with their coding, collaboratively developing solutions to improve their VR creations. When the learners don’t want to leave after a full day, you know you’re onto a good thing!”. Emily, EdTech Innovator

After the children enjoyed lunch in the sunshine overlooking the waka alongside the waterfront, the afternoon workshops provided the children with the opportunity to apply their knowledge and experiences from the morning into a game creation project using Cospaces and reinforcing their coding knowledge.

As with all our STEAM workshops, we have the flexibility to adapt lesson plans with what is topical in your classroom.

We are really looking forward to taking VR into the New Year, book your class in now so your students do not miss out!

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