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Every school holidays we invite 7+ year olds into the lab to create, construct, test and prototype. Our workshops encourage children to get excited by technology - we introduce children to animation, engineering, 3D design, robotics, coding, augmented reality and more! 

Our mission is to build confidence through new ways of learning.
We encourage inquiry, investigation and experimentation through hands-on creative teaching methods. We help children learn how to take advantage of the capabilities of technology, becoming creators
– not just consumers.


Monday 6 January: Stop Motion Animation 

Explore claymation, a stop motion animation technique, allowing you to get creative, sculpt and bring your clay to life, just like Wallace & Grommet.    

Tuesday 7 January: Virtual Reality 

Put a headset on and immerse yourself in virtual reality, then take on the challenge to collaboratively create and code a VR game of your own.  

Wednesday 8 January: Artist Engineers    

We're going be combining some engineering techniques with pens and paint, to create some radical artwork. Be ready to get messy and tap into your artistic side.                     

Thursday 9 January: Digital Wizardry     

Ever heard of the digital wizard Zach King and wondered how he does it? In this workshop we will show you how, and challenge you to create your own digital trickery.   

Friday 10 January: Mythbusters    

Is the sky really blue? Mythbusters is here to challenge your ideas. Using science you'll be testing out common theories to see if they are fact or fiction.

Monday 13 January: Digital Art    

Take your creativity into a digital space with this photographic manipulation workshop. Turn photos into mesmorising mandalas or transport yourself into your own hand-drawn wonderland.    

Tuesday 14 January: Digital Animation    

Explore the mechanics of body movement in this digital animation workshop and then work collaboratively to develop an animation that defies logic.       

Wednesday 15 January: Water Wonder Lab  

 It's summer time, we need to cool off! Let's collaboratively explore, construct, and experiment with H2O. 

Thursday 16 January: Digital Music

Musicians will experiment with a number of digital music tools - layering beats, creating rhythm sections and making patterns.

Friday 17 January: Game Development

Game developers will construct an platform game with interactive elements and increasing levels of complexity.             

Monday 20 January: Eathquake Engineering    

Use some terrific engineering skills to construct a shake table and then try to complete all the challenges given for the moving table top!            

Tuesday 21 January: MicroBit Magic  

 Learn all about a fantastic mini pocket sized computer called a Micro:bit, and see what crazy and wonderful ways you can code them.    

Wednesday 22 January: Solar Powered Water Wheels

Turanganui-a-kiwa has an amazing amount of sun which can be turned into solar power! We'll harness and channel some of that to engineer some water features.        

Thursday 23 January:Virtual Reality    

Time to use Virtual and Augmented Reality technology to 'virtually' journey out of the lab into strange, far away AND imaginative places only limited by your mind!  

Friday 24 January: Film Making    

Channel your inner 'hollywood' and learn some new skills and techniques used in creating high quality edited video content.